Non Ferrous Scrap

Lucky Recycling supplies varying grades of non-ferrous materials to locations all over the world and conforms to international industry specifications. Our specialty is invested in materials like aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel as well as other non-ferrous metals items like lead, zinc and batteries.

These materials are all handled at our fully equipped and operational processing yards in Dubai, Sharjah and Doha. The yards take care of sorting, processing and packaging of only quality scrap metals resulting in a final product that is nothing less than high grade.

The non-ferrous metal processing and recycling industry is more cost-effective than mining for the same, as the processes and resources required for the former are readily available and easily transportable. Used beverage cans, stainless steel pipes, copper and brass ingots, bus bars and similar materials are easy to come by and importing them from another country or location involves less stringent laws and duties.

Recycling materials like these, using the processes we favor is also beneficial to our company’s cause of environmental protection. Secondary scrap metal processing and recycling demands less consumption of energy resources, subsequently resulting in lower pollution levels.

There is tremendous scope for secondary non-ferrous metal recycling all over the world today. The shift of this industry from Western shores to the Middle East and Far East regions is a situation Lucky Recycling has turned to great advantage. The quality and supply of the workforce available to the Middle East coupled with relatively permissive import and export duties and laws make the non-ferrous metal recycling industry a lucrative venture to pursue.


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