Scrap Metals Recycling

Scrap Recycling

The Group has always been an environmentally active and conscious body. The organizational policies, practices and processes are all streamlined to be ecologically beneficial specializing in metal recycling. Products such as copper scrap, ferrous scrap, brass scrap and aluminum scrap metals are commonly recycled from our various recycling facilities including the Dubai scrap yard.

Presently, processing yards are located at strategic points that cater to the surrounding markets, and also to the international arena.

The Lucky Group’s scrap recycling interests are handled by:

Lucky Recycling

As Lucky Group’s flagship company based in Dubai, Lucky Recycling is a 35-year old legacy of metal recycling that has further aided the Lucky Group’s standing as one of the pioneers in the industry. Read More…

Lucky Star Alloys

Lucky Star Alloys is the most advanced scrap recycling facility under the banner of Lucky Group to cater to the growing recycling needs of Qatar. Read More…

Fortune Metals (Associate Company)

Fortune Metals (Associate Company) was established in Toronto, Canada in 1998 to procure ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals from the Americas and the Caribbean to supply to various industries across the globe. Read More…


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