Scrap Trading

Scrap metal trade counts as one of the foremost activities of Lucky Group of Companies. This industry lies at the core of Lucky Group’s business dealings and is one of the original activities behind the organization’s initial success. The Lucky Group trades in ferrous and non-ferrous scrap materials, and facilitates the purchase and supply of high quality scrap between the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Lucky Group has established two main trade entities to carry out scrap metal trading. They are based in Middle East and North American regions. These strategic locations have been carefully selected to allow access to countless markets across the globe, and to take timely advantage of new international opportunities. The Lucky Group is thus able to monitor global scrap metal trade in a cohesive manner and make the necessary decisions to reinforce future growth and development.

The Lucky Group’s scrap trading interests are handled by:

Lucky Trading

The Lucky Group’s primary scrap metal trade unit in Dubai, Lucky Trading has been building trade alliances since 2004. Read More…

Fortune Metals (affiliated company)

Based in Toronto, Canada, Fortune Metals is the oldest scrap metal trade unit under the Lucky Group brand. Read More…


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