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Texas Steel and Metal Distributor - Eagle Steel is a steel and metal distributor and steel yard located in Dallas - Fort Worth (DFW), Texas that provides all manner of steel products and metal buildings. Eagle Steel can provide you with all the steel, metal building fabrication, and steel construction supplies you need.

Stainless Steel Hinges - Stainless steel hinges, butt hinges, builders cabinet and door hardware.

Aluminum Trade - ALUMINUMchange - Bauxite and Aluminum Marketplace - Light Metals.

Hvac Duct Manufacturing Equipment, Metal Facrication Tools, Pinch Rolls and Plate Bending Machine - Comal Italia offers metal fabrication tools including corrugated sheet rolling, fabrication equipment and machinery, plate bending machines, and sheet metal fabricators.













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We maintained our strategy of continued expansion and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity and scale.

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