About Us

One of the Largest Secondary Aluminum Alloy Manufacturing Facilities in the Middle East

Lucky Alloys holds an undeniably formidable position in the industry, with an experience in the secondary aluminum alloy manufacturing sector that is more than twenty-five years strong. Dating well back to the mid-80s, this company has witnessed and been a part of the economic growth that catapulted the Middle East to the forefront of international business. Its consequential growth has currently allowed Lucky Alloys the means and the resources to reach present aluminum alloy production levels several times the initial levels at the time of the company’s inception.

Under the brand name ‘Lucky ’, Lucky Alloys is the only secondary manufacturer in the Middle East to secure for itself a listing on the London Metals Exchange for its aluminum alloys. The company is outfitted with fully equipped facilities, a highly qualified management team, a motivated workforce and a comprehensive manufacturing process. An organized and accurately envisioned manufacturing process sources, sorts, inspects, processes and manufactures aluminum alloys that are undoubtedly of graded quality.

Today, Lucky Alloy’s manufacturing plant enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest secondary aluminum alloy manufacturing facilities in the Middle East. Additionally, operations based on ISO 9001:2008 principles and a dedication to employing only the best workforce and equipment has resulted in production levels exceeding 18,000 metric tonnes.