Lucky Alloys is renowned as one of the largest secondary and semi-primary aluminum alloy manufacturing facilities in the Middle East and owes its strong industry position to a presence dating back to 1986.

Lucky Alloys commenced as a producer of aluminum casting alloys for a range of industries and then expanded to embrace a wider range of markets like the electrical and automotive sectors. The year 1998 witnessed a streamlining of operations with the adoption of ISO 9001 manufacturing principles, which Lucky Alloys has continually maintained every year.

This development resulted in a definite spurt of growth. The facilities are presently capable of reaching annual production levels of more than 24,000 tons of alloys, an impressive growth given the initial production figures of 3,000 tons.

Lucky owes this remarkable growth largely to an integrated sourcing, sorting, inspection, processing and manufacturing cycle that is maintained at the production plant. Every order delivers to the client the assurance of a high standard of quality maintained in both metallurgical consistency of the source materials and in the production processes involved.

Lucky Alloys, based in Jebel Ali Free Zone, is part of the Lucky Group and is listed on the London Metals Exchange under the brand name 'Lucky'. The facility boasts excellent infrastructure, making it easily accessible via land and sea.